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About Pen & Ink Drawings: Pen and ink drawing can be unforgiving. Once the ink hits the paper, it's permanent. The technique of the pen is vastly different from that of any other tool an artist can use, and the work done with a pen is consequently very unique. By nature it is a much harsher and a less flexible instrument than either the pencil or the brush, even though pens have come a long way. A pen drawing has a distinct individuality, fundamentally because of the manner of getting the various tones and shadows, which is different from that in the other mediums generally used.

About John: John lives in Hanmer Springs and works full-time for the Top10 Holiday Park. He produces his pen and ink drawings while relaxing in the evenings. Each drawing taking several weeks to produce and sometimes in progress for up to two months. He work's from photographs usually taken by his wife Carol of their travels around the South Island of New Zealand. He gets a great sense of satisfaction from producing his works of art. Many people have asked if he takes on commission – his answer to this is, maybe when I retire.

Purchasing John’s Art: He does not actively sell his originals. He started making 20 copies of his originals due to the demand from family and friends wanting his art, he now makes 50 numbered copies. In 2014 John’s wife Carol took on the task of selling his prints, at the local Hanmer Springs market on Saturday mornings. They can also be purchased by contacting Carol via email ( Prints that are currently available can be viewed on the Facebook page and can be purchased unframed or framed.

John & Carol Fraser
51 Woodbank Road, Hanmer Springs. Phone 03 315 7782

Photos of all of John's drawings